Advance Your mRNA Pipelines to Front-Line Treatments
by Successfully Translating Proof-of-Concepts
with Safety, Efficacy & Regulatory Approval

23rd-25th January, 2024 | Berlin, Germany

Europe’s Largest Industry-Led & Dedicated Gathering for mRNA Professionals

The eagerly anticipated mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe returned to Berlin this January for the third year as Europe’s largest and most important gathering of mRNA experts.

Showcasing exclusive new data from the trailblazers and thought leaders in the field, 200+ industry specialists including the likes of the MHRA, EMA, BioNTech, CureVac, Ziphius Vaccines, Moderna and more joined together across 3 days to uncover groundbreaking discovery, pre-clinical and clinical insights in mRNA therapeutic and vaccine development to fast-track R&D and pipeline expansions.

What We Discussed in 2024:

  • European-specific regulatory expectations for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines to ensure compliance, identify potential risks and enable patient access to your drugs without delays
  • How to overcome safety, PK/PD and translational hurdles to accelerate a surge of pre-clinical mRNA-based therapeutic candidates into robust clinical pipelines with emphasis on improving the efficiency and success of your drugs
  • Ways to improve drug delivery vehicle design and molecule characterisation to overcome immunogenicity and thermostability hurdles
  • How to maintain momentum in mRNA mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and investments in Europe and beyond to fuel the next generation of breakthroughs, reduce cost of goods and ensure R&D success beyond COVID-19
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“I look forward to connecting with other experts from the field and gather valuable insight into how typical and specific challenges in the mRNA field may be overcome”

Claudia Lindemann
Director – Non-Clinical Safety, BioNTech SE

Among Our 2024 50+ World-Class Speaker Faculty

nutcracker therapeutics

“This is a great opportunity to network, and to hear from other experts about what the current bottlenecks and opportunities are, what areas of mRNA therapeutics platform require further development and how to generate compelling data packages to address gaps”

Sam Deutsch
EVP – Research & Early Development, Nutcracker Therapeutics

Who Attended in January?

uni of copenhagen

“I see first-hand at how this meeting is a great opportunity for discussing the most recent findings in the mRNA therapeutics field with colleagues in the field”

Camilla Foged
Professor - Vaccine Design & Delivery, University of Copenhagen

2024 Official Partners

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“The 3rd mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe provides a stimulating environment to connect and interact with experts in this fast-growing field, and to exchange thoughts and ideas that may shape the future of mRNA therapeutics”

Jenny van Asbeck-van der Wijst
CEO, Mercurna