Strengthen Safe & Effective mRNA Pipelines of Vaccines & Therapeutics by Improving Cell Specific Payload Expression, Durability & Immunogenicity towards Accelerated Development & Regulatory Approvals


Welcome to the 2nd Annual mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit Europe - the Only End-to-End mRNA-Dedicated Meeting in Europe

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this industry-led meeting will unite KOLs from Europe and the rest of the world to delve into the challenges associated with successfully designing and developing the next-generation of mRNA-based vaccines & therapeutics with improved specificity, delivery & efficacy for immuno-oncology, infectious diseases and beyond.

Hear from 35+ pioneering large pharma, biotech and academic experts who are shaping the landscape of mRNA-based therapeutics and discover how they are addressing the major challenges facing the industry.

What to Expect?

With more companies investing in their tools and technologies to innovate processes and technologies to address key challenges such as sequence optimization, cell specific payload expression and durability, there has never been a more pivotal time to join European biopharma experts and discuss the following topics. 

  • Emerging cell-enhancing or protein replacement therapies based on mRNA
  • Optimization of analytical and quality control protocols
  • Durability, accessibility and immunogenicity challenges of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines
  • Enhancement of formulation, process development and manufacturing processes
  • Need for clear regulatory path to support the technology whilst enabling speed to market

Watch our highlights video for a sense of what else you can look forward to. 

Andreas Kuhn

Senior Vice President RNA Biochemistry & Manufacturing, RNA Biochemistry & Manufacturing


Cristina Bruno

Program Manager - mRNA Technology Transfer

World Health Organization

Giovanna Lollo

Associate Professor

Universite Claude Bernard Lyon

Mostafa Nakach

Global Head of Process Engineering for Biologic Drug Product Development