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Merck is a leader in life science. We provide solutions to help you overcome your mRNA manufacturing and formulation challenges. With our broad portfolio of best-in-class products, our CDMO capabilities and a wide range of services, we can support all stages of your mRNA drug manufacturing process. Discover how our capabilities, technical expertise and regulatory know-how can help you improve process economics, accelerate time to market and mitigate risks.

You want to scale and deliver your mRNA vaccines and therapeutics to the world quickly? We understand your goals and provide the solutions that will help you overcome your manufacturing challenges and meet your needs at all process steps.


Team Members


Nargisse El Hajjami, PhD Eng.

Senior Consultant - Bioprocessing Strategy Operationalization, EMEA, Novel Modalities & mRNA

Julian Mochayedi

Dr. Julian Mochayedi

Strategic Marketing Manager – mRNA solutions

Denis Petrovic

Dr. Denis Petrovic

Business Development Manager - mRNA, Lipids & Vaccines

Andreas Frimmel

Dr. Andreas Frimmel

Senior Account Manager - Bioprocessing